Monday , May 7 2018

420 News USA

Marijuana, cannabis and MMJ news from around the United States.

Luxury Cannabis Lifestyle For Women

Women’s First Luxury Cannabis Lifestyle Magazine, MJ Lifestyle, will be making its debut with their Inaugural Issue coming this January 2018, in celebration of recreational marijuana becoming legal in California…. …

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Mormons Take Another Look At MMJ!

An LDS Church statement says more research on the benefits and risks of medical marijuana is necessary before it is approved for use by patients. The Church of Jesus Christ …

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Eco-Friendly Cops Recycle Illegal Weed

There are different ways police across the country destroy illegal marijuana. Each municipality adopts its own procedures. In Denver, police have found an eco-friendly way to get the job done …

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New Jersey Senator Pushes For National Legalization

Did you hear about the Marijuana Justice Act? New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker introduced legislation in the beginning of August that would remove cannabis (marijuana) from the list of controlled …

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HIGH Investor Expansions

Privateer Holdings is raising another big investment round to fuel rapid growth of its marijuana-related subsidiaries as more governments legalize the use of cannabis. The Seattle-based investment firm has reeled …

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Do Mass Lawmakers Really Want Legal Marijuana?

Mass Lawmakers Lazy Legalizing Pot -

Sen. Will Brownsberger shrugged Monday when asked if marijuana legislation negotiators are working off a new deadline. Asked if he expected a deal to be reached this week, he said, …

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New Colorado Delivery System Better For Everyone!

Wee and Cannabis News Colorado -

Colorado was at the forefront of marijuana legalization, and so far, the experiment has been successful, but as with all experiments, refinement is usually needed. In this instance, it’s centering …

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Lawmakers Argue…Voters Wait!

Here’s something you never hear today, politicians arguing  about something voters already approved. Yeah Right! (insert eye role here) From Massachusetts: …People have been “knocking on his door” asking about …

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Group For Rec Use In Michigan

420 News From Michigan - Michigan Pot Groups

…Under a series of new medical marijuana laws passed in 2016, cities and townships in Michigan are deciding whether or not to allow medical marijuana businesses into their communities. Locally, …

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Weed Weddings! Lifestyle 420 News - Weed Weddings

A groom donned a bud of marijuana in his coat pocket as he and his bride said “I do” inside a Las Vegas facility growing the drug that’s newly legal …

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