Monday , May 7 2018

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Eco-Friendly Cops Recycle Illegal Weed

There are different ways police across the country destroy illegal marijuana. Each municipality adopts its own procedures. In Denver, police have found an eco-friendly way to get the job done …

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HIGH Investor Expansions

Privateer Holdings is raising another big investment round to fuel rapid growth of its marijuana-related subsidiaries as more governments legalize the use of cannabis. The Seattle-based investment firm has reeled …

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New Colorado Delivery System Better For Everyone!

Wee and Cannabis News Colorado -

Colorado was at the forefront of marijuana legalization, and so far, the experiment has been successful, but as with all experiments, refinement is usually needed. In this instance, it’s centering …

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Vegas Short On Weed!?

Marijuana Cannabis News Nevada -

Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval endorsed emergency regulations to combat a shortage of marijuana at legal recreational retailers in the state. The state law legalizing recreational marijuana starting this month dictated …

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For The Marijuana Investor

Marijuana Investment News - Weed Word News

If you’re looking for marijuana stocks, Aphria Inc. (NASDAQOTH: APHQF) stands out as probably one of the best picks. The Canadian provider of medical marijuana is one of only a …

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CEO Bet’s On Weed Business

The CEO of Scotts Miracle-Gro – a provider of lawn and garden products dating to the 19th century – wants to invest half a billion dollars in the marijuana industry. “It’s …

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Microsoft Marijuana ?

It’s a telling indicator of how quickly the legal marijuana market in the USA has grown when Microsoft becomes involved in the industry…

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Economy Boost For Hawaii

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What If California Legalizes…$$$$!

Californians have a choice ahead of them. In November, citizens of the Golden State will decide whether or not to legalize marijuana for recreational purposes…

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Money Solution For Legal Weed Business

The marijuana industry faces a huge problem: Few banks will touch cannabis cash….

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