Monday , May 7 2018


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Vegas Short On Weed!?

Marijuana Cannabis News Nevada -

Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval endorsed emergency regulations to combat a shortage of marijuana at legal recreational retailers in the state. The state law legalizing recreational marijuana starting this month dictated …

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Flying Nuns?!

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Tommy Chong Fighting Cancer

Tommy Chong, the comedian best known for his “Cheech & Chong” movies and his recurring role on “That 70’s Show”, told CNN on Saturday that he’s currently living with stage …

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Willie’s New Song w/ Merle

Team Coco is proud to present the 4/20 world premiere of the music video for Willie Nelson and Merle Haggard’s instant classic: “It’s All Going To Pot” – the first …

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First NBC, Now HBO…Another Weed Comedy!

HBO announced Monday that it will produce six new episodes from the wife-and-husband team of Katja Blichfeld (the Emmy-winning 30 Rock casting director) and Ben Sinclair (who stars in the …

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What Is An Alpha Stoner?

A slow, dimwitted stoner? That’s so 90s. Now we are living in the age of the Alpha Stoner, a time of almost preternaturally productive potheads smoking, vaping, and nibbling their …

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Willie Gets His Brand!!!

Smoking Willie Nelson’s weed is a lifelong ambition of stoners everywhere, enjoyed only by a few lucky fans and friends like Snoop Dogg and Merle Haggard. Not anymore, though. On …

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Snoop and Weed Start Up Techs

Eaze promises to deliver medicinal marijuana in less than 10 minutes Snoop Dogg is one of several investors helping to fund Eaze, a California-based startup that promises to deliver medical …

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