Monday , May 7 2018


Cannabis News From Europe

Obstacles to American cannabis reform are creating a quirky if valuable market. Cannabis is still a “Schedule I” drug. From a practical perspective, this has created a multi-billion dollar industry …

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Everybody Is High In France!?

French people are among the highest consumers of cannabis in Europe, with 700,000 people stating that they are daily uses. Consummation is highest among about adolescent and adult males (28 …

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Marijuana Decriminalization Worldwide

“Just as the tide is turning in America concerning marijuana legalization, so it is across the globe.”…

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New Study – Marijuana Can Help Alzheimer’s

Lab research shows compounds found in marijuana can remove toxic proteins linked to Alzheimer’s. read more…

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Australia Grows For Canada!

Health Canada approved the company’s subsidiary, United Greeneries, as an authorized licensed producer. This means the new Duncan, British Columbia-based facility located on Vancouver Island can now legally import cannabis…

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Cannabis Cosmetics From The Aussies

In two to three months time, Australians may be able to buy cannabis cosmetics products as medicinal and cosmetic cannabis company MGC Pharmaceuticals is seeking approval to do so Down …

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