Sunday , January 6 2019


Politicians…who can you trust? Weed Word gives you the news about the people who say they ‘re in charge.

Michigan Areas Block Rec Weed Business

At least 80 Michigan communities have banned or are moving to ban recreational marijuana retail stores and related businesses. It’s a swift response from local governments in the month and …

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Mormons Take Another Look At MMJ!

An LDS Church statement says more research on the benefits and risks of medical marijuana is necessary before it is approved for use by patients. The Church of Jesus Christ …

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New Jersey Senator Pushes For National Legalization

Did you hear about the Marijuana Justice Act? New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker introduced legislation in the beginning of August that would remove cannabis (marijuana) from the list of controlled …

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Do Mass Lawmakers Really Want Legal Marijuana?

Mass Lawmakers Lazy Legalizing Pot -

Sen. Will Brownsberger shrugged Monday when asked if marijuana legislation negotiators are working off a new deadline. Asked if he expected a deal to be reached this week, he said, …

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Lawmakers Argue…Voters Wait!

Here’s something you never hear today, politicians arguing  about something voters already approved. Yeah Right! (insert eye role here) From Massachusetts: …People have been “knocking on his door” asking about …

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Are Democrats Pro or Anti Weed?

The Marijuana Policy Project (MPP) has announced that the Democratic National Committee (DNC) has decided on a new proposed party platform regarding states’ rights and marijuana laws…

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Georgia Republicans Push For MMJ!

One of the leading advocates in Georgia for medical marijuana is headed to Cleveland this month on a crusade to persuade other delegates to the Republican National Convention to endorse …

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Legal Weed In AZ. = Huge Tax Dollars!

Arizonans would buy nearly $500 million worth of marijuana a year by 2020 if voters agree in November to allows its use here for recreational purposes, according to a new …

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Vermont Regroups

Several days after the end of the 2016 legislative session, Windham County Sen. Jeanette White still sounded tired. That’s no doubt due to the normal wear and tear of the …

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Republicans For Weed

Republican state Sen. Patricia Farley of Las Vegas is a strong proponent for the legalization of recreational marijuana in Nevada. She doesn’t see the legalization of recreational pot as a …

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