Friday , January 4 2019


Pro or college, hockey or soccer, baseball or football…there’s always weed in sports.

Cowboys Owner Pushes To End NFL Weed Ban

There's a new weed sheriff in Texas

While he understands the value of doing business, he also knows a few things. It’s a game and games are meant to be fun… Check it out Here

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Working Out With Weed

A former pro football star and an advocate for athlete marijuana use have teamed up to open a gym in San Francisco that they say will be one of the …

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NFL Ban ON MMJ Not Popular

NFL players are challenging the league to reconsider its policy on pot…

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Pot And The Athlete.

In America’s mecca for both endurance training and legalized marijuana, one competitive triathlete is challenging the definition…

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Pro QB Rants About Owner.

Over the past few months, more and more NFL players have come out in favor of medical marijuana use, with everyone from…

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